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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Installation

Systems integration often referred to as Smart Home Automation is the most complex part of any project, playing an integral role in bringing together all of the other elements and sub-systems. It’s the very aspect of the design that you – our client – will touch and see.

To be competent you need two things: underpinning knowledge, and experience. Imagine This has been involved in the design and delivery of advanced systems integration and control systems for over 20 years. In that time, we have designed and produced multiple award-winning projects and are recognised, even by our peers, as one of the industry leaders.

Whether you require a wireless touch panel in your home theatre, or in-wall touch panels to act as intercom and concierge systems in a multi-dwelling environment, we can design and program the system to control any application and interface with countless devices – easily and efficiently.

We don’t outsource and therefore we retain control the project and can remain flexible, reacting quickly to our client’s wishes. With remote access to our control and integration systems, we also offer the ability to upload remotely, along with maintenance and servicing, without the need to visit for software-related updates.

With Offices in Kent & London, Imagine This carry out Systems Integration and Smart Home Installation across Kent, London and The South East.

Smart Home Automation Environmental Control

Environmental Control

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) – like lighting – plays a major role in our day to day project integration, ensuring the maintenance of air quality and regulation of internal temperatures and humidity.

Our environmental control systems provide control and enhancements of the living environment. This is an invaluable part of our skillset and there are only a small number of CEDIA companies that offer this service.

With remote connection and the appropriate interface, you can have the benefit of controlling your heating from anywhere in the world through smartphones, touch panels, iPads or via a PC or Mac.


CCTV images can be streamed to your TVs, touchpanels and smart devices, giving you great flexibility and control at your fingertips.

Imagine This will implement a reliable and easy-to-use custom security control system for residential or commercial buildings which are designed, installed and programmed by our in-house team.

And by incorporating this with other smart home systems, such as your lighting control system, we can deliver a fully integrated solution that is easy to use.

Security and Smart Home Automation
Lutron & Crestron Smart Home Automation

Lutron & Crestron

Imagine This is a leading Lutron gold standard service provider. We install all Lutron products, including Connected Home Solutions and Shading systems: Homeworks QS, Homeworks QSX, Sivoia QS, Sivoia Wireless, and Alisse Keypads.

Our engineers also work extensively with Crestron automation products: Home, DigitalMedia NVX, NAX, Horizon Thermostats, DigitalMedia, 4 Series Control Systems, Lighting, Shading, Horizon Keypads and TSW Touchpanels.

If you’re considering a lighting or home automation project featuring either Lutron or Creston, Imagine This has the skills, tools and technical competency to design, supply and install your system to the highest conceivable standard.

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Operating at the very highest level for many years; we have been assessed by many organisations and we have been recognised and endorsed as leading the way in our industry.

In recent years, Guy Singleton, our principal engineer, has been proud to be a judge for the CEDIA Global, EMEA and Americas awards. Although this means that we cannot enter the CEDIA awards ourselves, it allows us to support standards through the wider industry. Guy has dedicated thousands of volunteer hours, working to develop industry recognised standards and share his technical expertise with others.

Our awards success:

Multi Room Audio

Multi Room Audio

Multi room audio is an essential part of any modern home, hotel or yacht. Centrally located music servers provide sources for multi-room audio distribution throughout the home or building and offer either ambient music or Hi-fi sound quality, depending on the client’s wishes.

With in-ceiling, in-wall or on-wall loudspeakers and iPads, keypads or touch-panels for control, the era of needing stereo systems in every room is a thing of the past. The distribution of multi-room audio can be, in essence, a straightforward theory: the difficulty is in the appropriate level of control. Any Imagine This system is tailored to your personal requirements and installed professionally, giving you access and control of your music collection.

Multi Room Video

With the growing application of High Definition, multi-room video distribution in a project requires real understanding of video signals and content protection. Imagine This provides relevant multi-room video distribution solutions that avoid the possible problems that can come with HDCP and latency issues associated with HDMI, designing and installing multi-room video systems that provide high quality video throughout the project.

Imagine This specialises in managing your media content – whether that be movies, music or both – making it easier than ever by integrating easy-to-use and reliable video and audio servers. Our multi-room video systems are professionally designed and incorporate leading technologies from manufacturers such as Crestron and Kaleidescape.

Multi Room Video


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“We commissioned Imagine This for the home automation and cinema of a contemporary home new build. Prior to selecting Imagine This, we met with numerous other notable companies. However, it was the personable service and knowledge of Guy and Karin that led us to go with Imagine This, and it was certainly the right decision.

Guy's knowledge and enthusiasm for his work are incredible. The team are also very genuine, treating everyone like their own family. It could have been easy to overcharge and recommend unnecessary products, but the team’s honesty and experience stopped our wild ideas from running away with us and ensured we got the best value for money.

They also provide ongoing support, which is excellent. With such a vast amount of complicated equipment, things can inevitably go wrong, but the team are always at hand. Imagine This has been so great, we have commissioned additional jobs, such as in our business, and would highly recommend them to anyone”

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