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We are thrilled to include the generation of renewable energy as part of our service. Our systems are intelligently designed and provide enhanced features for the smart home.

It is increasingly important to think about our energy needs and to reduce consumption wherever possible. Our clients demand reliable, efficient, and scalable systems to reduce their energy consumption from the grid. We design our systems to provide the maximum value for money, coupled with supreme convenience for the homeowner.

We use solar panels, wind turbines and air/ground source heat pumps to generate renewable energy. And by including the newest lithium batteries, your renewable energy can be stored to power your home later. With an app to monitor the status of your system, you can quickly see how much power you are generating, how much is stored and what your actual use is.

There are many renewables providers, but where IMAGINE THIS differs is that we understand the complexities of smart home automation and are best placed to provide services where the two disciplines intersect. We uniquely understand the relationship between the energy needs of your home and the complex electronics that provide your smart home. We have the means to deliver a renewable solution that is interconnected with and enhances your smart home. It makes sense to use a company who already has an understanding of your lifesyle and the electronics within your home.

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Solar Generation

In the UK, our climate is surprisingly suitable for solar generation, even on cloudy days, and wind is another clean resource that can be tapped, even at a domestic level. If you wish, you can sell your unused energy back to the grid, although we find invariably our clients prefer to store the electricity in batteries and stay “off-grid” for longer.

Have you thought about adding an electric car charger to your system? Our renewable energy systems can be linked to your car charger, to provide you with low cost, low guilt motoring!

An important consideration for our clients is protection from power cuts and power shortages. In cases of power interruptions, or if the grid supply should be restricted in the future, you will have the comfort of knowing that you are protected.

Renewables Systems

Our renewables systems start from £9,995 and we can scale them to whatever needs you would have. The market for solar providers is highly competitive and unregulated. With Imagine This, you can have the comfort of working with company of long-standing, who take time to understand your needs.

We do not rush in to install an unsuitable system, rather, we will design the very best professional solution, which works perfectly with your other smart electronic systems and services

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“Called Imagine This with an emergency problem with my Lutron system. The lighting circuits had suddenly died just days before an important event. Response was immediate, diagnosis of the problem was meticulous and the problem was solved completely and in time. Smart guys, courteous and respectful. Great job.”

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If you are considering a smart renewable system, pleae just get in touch. We will work with you to design a state-of-the-art system, that provides you with energy from renewables, just when you need it.