Project Services


Imagine This complete all project designs in-house. Our designs are based on the needs and preferences of our clients and we make sure that we intelligently balance these with all relevant technical principles. We apply the technical standards of organisations such as THX, ISF and CEDIA to our designs, ensuring that we provide technically excellent work.

As part of our voluntary work, we consult on white paper documents for CEDIA and the IET. We make certain that these standards and procedures that we have helped to create are applied to all of our own design work.

Proper design documentation is essential to the smooth running of our projects and we create many documents, from schedules and schematics to 3D renders, to ensure that our projects are well designed, well managed and well implemented.


We know that some clients prefer to have the reassurance of a very supportive handover period and others prefer to find their own way around their new systems. Whatever the preference, our team are on hand to help.

We produce full technical operation and maintenance manuals for every system, and we spend time with users, to ensure that they understand their systems and can operate them confidently.

For additional reassurance, we create instructional videos for our clients, to help guide them through any troubleshooting steps.

Project Management

Imagine this draws upon our years of experience in the home technology sector to ensure that each project is managed perfectly. We hail from an engineering background and, as such, are able to converse with and manage other trade professionals on a technical level, gaining respect and acknowledgement of our expertise as we go. We have in-house project managers and contracts managers, to ensure the success of each project.

Service and Maintenance

Complex electronic systems benefit from ongoing care; for your peace of mind, we offer the full range of concierge services. Create a tailor-made package, comprising round-the-clock remote monitoring, rapid callouts, planned maintenance visits and pre-visit checks.

Our team will work with you in creating a concierge package to meet your personal requirements. With the scope of the concierge service defined and matched to your needs, we can ensure that we are offering you a great value service.

Our concierge packages are available for our own installations and for existing or legacy systems installed by others, meaning that you can benefit from our care and attention at any stage of your home technology experience.

Whether you require the reassurance of round-the-clock support, or an infrequent pre-visit system check, we will build our service around your needs.


Testament our professional engineering skills; we have received industry awards and recognition for the highest standards that we apply rigorously when completing our installations.

Our installation team are diligent, professional and they go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. With our dynamic professionalism, we also support other project professionals, to make their work easier and to ensure better project outcomes for all.

Visual Walkthroughs

Our state-of-the-art walkthroughs provide our clients the best possible way to visualise their immersive theatre just as it will look – before anything is finalised and installed. Using

3D computer graphics technology to produce realistic, to-scale renders and walkthroughs is a key part of our design and development process.

Programming, Commissioning and Calibration

Our programming and commissioning service is an integral part of the success of each project.

Each system is programmed and commissioned to ensure ease of use, performance and reliability. Our programming team are trained to the highest standards in many protocols, examples of which include Lutron, Crestron, Panasonic IP-PBX, BPT and CISCO.

Correct calibration is essential to gain the maximum benefit from any installation. We incorporate the calibration procedures of THX, ISF and CEDIA in our work to enhance the performance of all systems.

Ad Hoc Services

We can provide ad-hoc services, such as system condition reports, due diligence reports and homeowners surveys.

You wouldn’t dream of purchasing a new home without first undertaking a structural survey, requesting a condition report, or a drainage survey. Yet so often, purchasers are prepared to buy a house without knowing which elements of home technology are included and whether it all works as it should. We can take the guesswork out by evaluating all of the smart home systems and producing a detailed report to highlight any problems, concerns or missing components. We can also advise on areas that could be improved or upgraded, to meet with your needs.


Our designers frequently consult for our own clients and other industry professionals who require the benefit of our wide knowledge and experience. We can provide support relating to due-diligence, project design and specification, troubleshooting, insurance matters and more.

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