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Intelligent lightig control in Spanish home, image shows house from the outside with basement and garden.

La Puerta – Intelligent Lighting Control and Home Automation

In this article, we look at the intelligent lighting control system in this beautiful family home. The most intelligent home automation and lighting control systems are those that work together to provide convenience and a slick, intuitive experience for the owner.

When the owner of this luxury coastal villa embarked on an exciting renovation project, he knew that an intelligent lighting system was a prerequisite. The control system had to be capable of handling not only the lighting but also other motorised systems. Since we are a leading Lutron installer, we were selected to deliver the project. We went on to work closely with the client and his excellent design and build team, to deliver a stunning lighting system.

Automated doors, connected to the Lutron intelligent ligthing system.

Lutron Intelligent Lighting Control System

The obvious choice for this project was a Lutron Homeworks QS system. Market leaders Lutron have been innovating with their Homeworks range for more than three decades, providing innovative products plus unrivalled service and support.

In deploying Lutron Homeworks QS, we ensured that the system could deliver all of the functions that were desirable to the client. It was important that the system would integrate with other automated elements within the home, such as the automated sliding glass door, which leads from the pool and games room to the lovely grounds.

Our client specifically wished to utilise Lutron’s geofencing feature to activate a “welcome home” setting for the lights, based on his location. Similarly, he knew that security was an important aspect and, accordingly, Lutron’s Vacation Mode would assist in making the home appear occupied at all times.

AV company installation

Our project services included:

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Commissioning
  • Client Orientation
  • Handover

Lighting Loads and User Interfaces

The lighting loads throughout the property were exclusively LED and included downlights, uplights, pendants and strips. Local lighting control panels housed the control and dimming equipment.

We used Lutron seeTouch keypads, with large backlit buttons. In locations where flexibility was needed (such as on bedside tables), we utilised Lutron Pico wireless keypads. By also using Lutron inline dimmers, we were able to incorporate the bedside lamps into the system, whilst not committing with hard wires to a particular room layout. This will allow the client the ability to change his room layout in the future if he wishes.

Indoor basement pool and garden. Intelligent lighting system controls the movements of the door.

We utilised occupancy sensors in areas such as WCs, bathrooms, utility rooms etc. These wireless, battery-powered sensors detect occupancy and absence, switching the lights on and off accordingly. For areas where a keypad is either not desired or is impractical, occupancy sensors are an intelligent option.

Image shows the automated doors in the closed and locked position.

Motorised Doors

One of the most striking features of this delightful home are the motorised sliding glass doors that lead from the pool and games area to the sunken outdoor space. The doors actually slide away, to link the recreational rooms with the garden. Being minimal in design, the doors are motorised and our brief was to link the motorised doors with the intelligent lighting control system. This would allow the doors to be controlled from the Lutron keypads, which was convenient and safe since the keypads are located in the immediate vicinity of the doors.

Equipment List

The lighting equipment included the following Lutron components:

Two Lutron lighting panels with modules and processor
  • Seetouch Keypads in a Satin Nickel Finish
  • Pico Keypads
  • Homeworks QS Control Processor
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Homeworks QS Din Rail Panels
  • Dimming and Switching Power Modules
  • Inline Dimmers

(not a definitive list)

In Conclusion

We have been installing Lutron Homeworks systems for over two decades. Importantly, we have been approved by the NICEIC and we are long-term members of industry body CEDIA. We have achieved an advanced level of programming expertise and we are renowned for our installation skills.

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