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Lutron Install – Unique Home Entertaining Heaven!

This was to be a genuine pleasure – a fantastic Lutron install for a lovely family. Some projects are just a little bit special and this has been one of our favourites. Not only did we get to work in this stunning home, but we met a charming family. It has been our absolute pleasure to work with the client, to design and deliver his home technology project. In this post, we briefly focus on the process of the project.

Firstly…The Design

Our client asked us to provide a Lutron lighting system install for his newly purchased home. The home boasts six bedrooms, four acres of stunning landscaped grounds and a wine cellar. It really is the perfect home for entertaining and our client wanted home technology systems to supplement this. As we worked through the options available, it became clear that the client would like to have more than just the lighting system!

At the start of the project, we drilled down into the client’s desires and prerequisites for the systems that would be installed. In getting to know our client and understanding his needs, we ensured that the project would be a success.

From our initial information gathering and consultative process, we started to design in outline. We began to put the project together conceptually, and then carefully evolved the plan, together with our client. Some projects can go through several stages of design and revision during this stage in the process.

The project began as a Lutron install but soon grew to include

  • a Crestron control system
  • a home cinema
  • a high definition audio and video distribution system
  • a media room
  • a data network
  • a BPT entry system

We designed a system that would give our client all of the desired functionality, together with reliability and scalability.

lutron lights
Hallway at Christmas

Secondly…The Lutron Install

Once our consultation and design work was completed, we moved into the Lutron install phase of the project. With over two decades of Lutron installs under our belt, we are very experienced! We worked very closely with the electrical contractor, whilst he completed the first fix, making sure that he was confident and empowered to complete the wiring and first fix installation. We provide comprehensive documentation to support this process.

As soon as the first fix was finished, we moved into the intensive second fix install. This is where we install the equipment racks, connect keypads, fix touchpanels etc. We spend most our of engineering time on this phase of the project.

Whilst the first and second fix was happening on-site, in the background, we created all of the software programs and we pre-configured the equipment, ready for commissioning.

lutron lighting
Hallway with Lutron lighting and Crestron audio.

Thirdly…The Commissioning

Once the equipment was physically on-site and installed, we started the commissioning process. The software programs were created and uploaded off-site, prior to the second fix install, so as soon as the equipment had been installed, we moved straight into commissioning.

During this stage of the project, we made final amendments to the programs and we fully tested each zone. For example, we made adjustments to lighting levels, we connected the 3rd party equipment (such as BMS) that was being integrated etc. We also calibrated the cinema and media room.

tvs for bathrooms

Finally…Handover and Ongoing Support

Once the commissioning was complete, we moved into the handover phase of the project. Throughout the preceding stages of the project, we had been creating the documentation which would form the basis for the handover documentation. This included drawings, schedules, software programs, warranty information, instructional videos and so on.

In addition, we spent time orientating the client and demonstrating the various parts of the system to him. During this part of our work, we had the opportunity to make the final client adjustments and personalisation.

Ensuring that he had a high level of confidence in the operation of the system and an outline understanding of how things work was important to our client. We worked closely with him to achieve this. Some clients love to have a deep understanding of their systems and some just want to have an overview of the basics. In both cases, we make sure that the client is given the right level of handover support to meet their needs.

Since the home was to be used extensively for entertaining, it was very important that the right provisions were made for the guests. To achieve this for example we created, among other things, a guest segment of the network. This allowed visitors to connect to the network whilst preserving security for the client and his family.

Similarly, guests and visitors would need to be confident to use the electronic systems. This was achieved via personalised access to the Crestron Home system and by simple-to-use, intuitive programming.

lutron installers uk

The project includes products from:



Bowers and Wilkins



Middle Atlantic



In Conclusion…

We were delighted with the systems we have provided. It was our privilege to work with the client and we were thrilled when he described our, “first-class service and top company and staff.” The project was very well managed and there were no dramas along the way. From the Lutron install to the home cinema, we are very proud of our contribution to this lovely home.

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