House with shades open showing lighting in rooms, controlled by Lutron Homeworks

Lutron Lighting Control – Lakeside Home

A Lutron lighting control system which the whole family could use and enjoy!

The Project – Lutron Lighting Control

This ambitious new-build lies in a rural Kentish village that enjoys excellent proximity and links to London. The stunning home is convenient for the client’s daily commute. It enjoys the calm and expansive setting that you would expect of a rural home.

The client’s family are busy entrepreneurs; working hard building their businesses together. Their wish is to create a home that will easily accommodate four generations in comfort, safety and space. They also want to maximise their enjoyment of the lovely lake-side location and be respectful of the natural environment.

Shows house from the lake with Lutron motorised blinds down

Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting Control Solution

We worked very closely with the client to deliver a stunning lighting control system using Lutron’s Homeworks QS products. We integrated the Lutron lighting and Crestron home automation systems to provide a home that could truly cater to the needs of the whole family.

It was important to the client that the technology solution would enhance the lifestyles of all members of the family. Consequently, we needed to fully consider the challenges for each generation in advance. For example; we had to ensure that the children could operate the lighting and shading in their spaces. The system had to be intuitive for use by the younger generation. At the same time, we needed to make sure that the controls were not offputting for the grandparents. It was vital that they felt at ease to use the system to increase their comfort and enjoyment of their home. By adding the Lutron Connect Bridge we brought ease of use to all the occupants of this home. We programmed commands such as “Kitchen Blinds Open” “Garden lights on”. Even having the ability to control the house remotely was a must with this project.

Outside lights creating pathway

DALI Lighting

For flexibility, DALI lighting was used as this would allow us, without re-wiring, to re-configure where necessary.  For example, if a room changed use from a bedroom to a study or a gym, using software, the appropriate changes could easily be made to the lighting configuration. This was vitally important for the client and their ever-changing use of the rooms within the property.

We used Lutron Palladiom keypads throughout this project, as they give the sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic that the client desires. They also have large backlit buttons which make them easy for the grandparents to use. In addition to the use of keypads throughout the property, we used Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors. This was to save the grandparents any worry about turning off the lights for economy. Additionally, this would light their route around their space for safety.

Lutron Sivoia Shades

Essential to making the home a comfortable and calm place was the need to be able to control the natural light. To ensure that the home did not become too hot or bright, we had to comprehensively manage the high levels of natural light in the building. We installed Lutron Sivoia QS roller blinds throughout the property. These gave the client complete control, at the press of a button. To ensure that the glare and heat from the sun did not become troublesome, roller blinds were programmed to provide shading during the daytime. This protected the client’s home furnishings from UV rays and provide privacy and security at night. The client is particularly pleased with the quiet and unobtrusive blinds.

By controlling the natural and artificial light, we created a layered lighting aesthetic and mood. The client can enjoy the lovely views of his lake and woodland. Above all, we have ensured that each area is comfortable, energy-efficient and private.

The client wanted to be able to control his lighting solution from his tablet and to be able to make small scene changes himself. We have given him the ability to make changes from certain tablets only, to ensure that there are no accidental changes which might have proven confusing and challenging for the grandparents, or frustrating for the children.

Lutron Homeworks Vacation Mode

The client’s businesses take him away from home regularly and it is imperative that he can make his personal area of the home appear occupied, even whilst he is away. We have utilised the Vacation Mode settings within the Homeworks QS software to provide this function; this gives both him and the grandparents the comfort and security of knowing that the entire home appears occupied.

In conclusion…

The outcome for the whole family has been excellent and they are pleased that the Lutron systems have given them so many enjoyable and functional benefits.

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