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As a leading smart home expert, we were thrilled to be involved in this amazing London install. Right from the initial design meetings, we knew this would be a very special project. We were proud to be involved with such a high-calibre project team.

Our client asked us to design and install a smart home system. The owners wanted the latest in home technology, with an installation that was discreet and visually secondary to the decor. Most importantly, the system would need to be easily useable – the system would have a multitude of users, of all ages, some of whom did not have English as their first language.

A closer view of a Lutron motorised blinds, set in the window with curtains showing.

Lutron Lighting System by Smart Home Expert

The first part of our design work centred on the Lutron lighting system. We designed, installed, and commissioned the control system, working with the interior designer to ensure that the lighting had the wow factor that the client desired. In addition to our Lutron skills, we are also qualified engineers, so have the electrical skills in-house to design and sign off our systems.

We used Lutron Palladiom keypads extensively throughout the home, to provide control of the lighting. We programmed the system so that the user can choose to either control each individual circuit of light, or scenes of lighting, made up of multiple circuits at differing levels. In addition, we have utilised scheduling and automatic events, for example, bringing on the outside lights at dusk and lowering them gradually at the end of the evening. We use scheduling to turn on the lights each morning, in the staff’s shared spaces. The system also controls the water fountain and, with a rain sensor input, closes roof windows when the weather takes a turn for the worse.


smart home device

Crestron Control System

One of our primary project design objectives was to ensure that the users would not need to be experts to use the smart home technology. Integrating the various home technology systems would ensure that everything worked cohesively together. The systems included, for example, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security alarm, fire alarm, lighting, AV (audio visual), intercom, telephone system etc.

We selected a Crestron control system, with in-wall touchpanels, in-room remotes and a smart device app.

With clever programming, we have been able to provide users with all the functionality that they require. For instance, users can, via the touchpanels, order food from the chef, answer the door and adjust the heating. From the remote controls, they can pause the cinema, raise the lights, and page another room. The functionality provided by the powerful Crestron platform is perfect for this large and complicated project. And finally, with our programming, we have ensured that the interfaces are straightforward and intuitive for all users.


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Bowers and Wilkins Loudspeakers

As smart home experts, our clients frequently ask us to provide house-wide audio systems. For this project, we used an audio distribution solution from Crestron. We paired this with loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins, including CCM664 in-ceiling speakers and AM-1 weatherproof monitor for damp areas. We also used a selection of loudspeakers from the Custom Theatre range for the cinema and two media rooms.


smart home devices

Mirror TV Solution from Future Automation

We were asked to provide a solution for the client’s drawing room. The client was very firmly attached to the idea of having a mirror above the fireplace. He also expected the room to have a TV and the benefits of the video distribution system. He had had a previous disappointing experience with a mirror TV, so did not wish to use one in this home. For this reason, we specified a Future Automation product. It uses a clever mechanism to motor a section of the mirror out of the way. Simultaneously, the TV moves forwards, from the back where it was previously hidden.

The client loves this solution and feels that he hasn’t had to compromise on either the quality of the TV or the mirror.


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In Conclusion

We are delighted with the outcome of this project and pleased that the client is similarly satisfied. We worked cohesively with a team of professionals who operate at the very highest levels.

The systems that we incorporated work very well together, are intelligently integrated and deliver the simplified control that the client desired. It was a pleasure for our team to deliver this project and always a joy to return to.

Smart Home Expert

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