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Preset Lutron lighting control scene as part of the home automation system.

Why Upgrade to Lutron HomeWorks QS Lighting Control System?

So why Upgrade to Lutron HomeWorks QS Lighting Control System? We look at the benefits of the new Lutron HomeWorks QS System and answer some common FAQs.

Intro – Why Upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS?

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the benefits of a Lutron Lighting Control system in your home for many years? You will be well-used to the convenience, security and great vibe that a lighting control system brings; perhaps you have just inherited a Lutron Homeworks system in a home move? But why would you upgrade to a Lutron Homeworks QS lighting control system?

There have been some exciting advances in technology and maybe now is the time to consider an upgrade to your lighting system, to unlock the new features and functionality. And to bring your system up to date with the peace of mind that comes with a new warranty. 

In this post, we look at the compelling reasons to upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS system. We answer some of the common questions that we are frequently asked. 

Rear of house with outside lighting and house lights on. Lighting controlled with a system that has had an upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS.

Benefits of an Upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS

Control from anywhere – app

The function that our clients get most excited about is the ability to control the system from anywhere, using the Lutron Homeworks QS lighting app. This makes controlling your home environment really easy and convenient. 

Turn lights on, off, raise shades, adjust heating, from an intuitive app which works anywhere in the world to provide you with the Lutron home control you need.

Another excellent feature is the ability to adjust the programmed lighting scenes to your own requirements. In the past, this has meant having to have your installer make the changes you need. However, often getting the programming perfect is an evolutionary process. You make the adjustment you think you’d like, you live with it, you fine-tune it etc. The app will allow you to make multiple level adjustments. This means that the programmed scenes will perfectly fit your needs and can be changed as often as you’d like.

This feature will work with IOS and Android – for your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. So convenient!

New aesthetics, or old!

An upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS will allow you to take advantage of the new aesthetic keypads, thermostats and sliders. Or not – a clever widget will allow you to retain all of your existing user hardware; to fit with budget or because you may not wish to change everything that that has become so familiar. 

Taming LED technology!

The new upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS system will allow you to make use of LEDs. This will ensure that they dim beautifully, whilst avoiding the drop-out, flickering or popping that often plagues these load types when married with a lighting control system that does not handle them so well.

Wireless Shading

By upgrading the heart of your Lutron Homeworks system, you can access the brilliant range of wireless shading options. They are ultra-quiet, battery-powered and perfect for retro-fit. There are eight styles and hundreds of fabrics to choose from. The wireless shading system can control Lutron’s entire family of automated window treatments. The battery-powered system controls roller and honeycomb shades and both of these systems are brilliant for retrofit situations.

(We talk about the benefits of having a motorised shading system here in our article, “Controlling Natural Light”.)

Lutron Shade

Lighting Control – no strings attached!

On the theme of wireless control; you can add wireless lighting dimmers when your system is upgraded to Lutron Homeworks QS too! In-line dimmers will give you control over lighting circuits where there wasn’t before. With the wireless switches and dimmers available post-upgrade, new circuits, table lamps etc can easily be accommodated. Importantly, with no disruption to the fabric of your home!

Take your pic(o) of remote control options

It is also easy to add wireless remote controls – wall keypads, hand-held or table-top. The battery-powered remotes can be sited almost anywhere. Also, they can even be paired with metal keypad faceplates to give a really smart, integrated look. 

Perhaps you might wish to add a remote beside the bed, where a room has been re-configured. Or by a favourite chair in the library, programmed with the perfect scenes for reading. The flexibility afforded by Lutron Pico remotes will really give you something to think about, so allowing you to fine-tune your system to meet any changing needs. 

Smart Home Technology

Lutron Homeworks QS integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Sonos, thus giving you voice-enabled control of your lighting system. 

Brilliant for situations where using a keypad is tricky, such as a bathroom – maybe you’d want to lower the lighting levels whilst in the bath? Similarly, for people who require the benefits of technology-assisted living, such as the elderly or infirm? Being able to use voice control to make your environment comfortable or practical can be both invaluable and luxurious. 

Mess-free, no aggravation retro-fit

The beauty of an upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS is that there is very little physical disruption to your finished rooms. The new system can accommodate existing keypads, or you can swap to updated retro-fit keypads. Further window shades can be added, without the need to get cables to the windows. In addition, new lighting circuits can be added with wireless dimmers etc. 


With geofencing, the Lutron Homeworks QS app controls your lighting based on your location. Therefore, for example, when you arrive home, the app will turn lights on for you when you arrive home when you leave, it can notify you of any that are left on. 

Lutron Wireless

FAQs and Practical Considerations

Q: Do I have to change my existing keypads if I upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS?

A: No, you can keep your keypads. With a translator, we can interface the old keypads with the new Homeworks QS System.

Q: Can my lighting system still be interfaced with my security system following an upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS?

A: Yes! Certainly, we will take great care to ensure that, after the upgrade, any inter-operability with other systems is assured.

Q: Can more than one user have access to the app?

A: Yes indeed, your whole family can have access.

Q: What about if you have an alternative system but would like to switch to Lutron Homeworks QS?

A: Please do contact us to talk about this. Whilst it isn’t as straightforward as just upgrading an existing Lutron system, there are always solutions! 

Q: How does the geofencing work?

A: GPS technology creates a virtual geographic boundary. This enables the software to determine when a mobile device enters or leaves the area. The software can trigger events such as “Driveway lights on”, “entry lights raise” etc when it detects you entering or leaving the boundary.

In Conclusion

There are lots of compelling reasons to upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS. Not only can you unlock the benefits of the new technology which we have outlined above, but it is also an excellent and opportune time to make adjustments to update and tweak the scope of the system, to make sure it meets your current needs. And with our attentive aftercare, your system could not be in better hands.

Lutron lighting panel
Lutron Homeworks

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