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A wide shot of the hallway where we have used Lutron Homeworks QS upgrade and Deltalight light fittings.

Lighting Control Upgrade to Powerful Lutron Homeworks QS System

A lighting control upgrade for a tech-savvy family!

When our client considered purchasing this stunning luxury new-build property, he asked us to perform a due diligence survey. To begin, he asked us for a report on the AV and lighting infrastructure. In short, he wanted to ensure that the installed system would be suitable for his family’s needs. Already owning a high-tech property, the family were adamant that their new home should provide them with smart home technology. Most importantly, they knew that smart home technology would enhance their experience within their lovely new home.

Our Due Diligence Survey

It became clear that the basic lighting system installed by the developer wouldn’t meet the needs of this busy family. They had enjoyed all of the benefits of a Lutron Homeworks lighting control system in their previous property. As a result, they didn’t want to take a step backwards! Our client asked us to find a solution, as the new property itself was otherwise perfect for their needs. It was clear that the solution was a lighting control upgrade.

Lighting Control Upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS

In short, we were able to find a solution that would give the client the Lutron system he wanted, without causing a re-wiring headache. Essential to the success of this project was the wireless capability of Lutron’s HomeWorks QS lighting control system. With the inclusion of a Lutron Homeworks QS processor, wireless repeaters, gateways, wireless access points and Lutron’s Pico wireless keypads, we addressed the limitations of the previous system with the minimum of fuss.

Layered lighting control in family room.

LED Lamps to Reduce Energy Consumption

During our survey, we noted that the existing light sources created a very high load output throughout the home. So, to reduce energy consumption, we replaced the existing load sources with low energy LED lamp technology. Pairing these LED lamps with the Lutron system gave excellent results, allowing us to smoothly dim the circuits. Above all, there was no flicker or a sudden drop to zero.

The client was delighted with the results of the improvements and continues to enjoy the benefits of the lighting control upgrade to the Lutron Homeworks QS system.

Smart home technology in lounge, shows speakers, lighting and motorised blinds

For further reading, there is more information in our article, “Why Upgrade to a Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting Control System” or for a smart home system, please see our project “Smart Home Elegance“.

Team members on this project


Michael, Brad and Aiden.

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A lighting control upgrade to Lutron Homeworks QS

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