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Lutron Alisse Keypad Review – Elegant and Timeless

In this article, we review the new Lutron Alisse Keypad. Lutron is the preeminent manufacturer of residential lighting control systems. To complement their Homeworks QS range, Lutron recently launched a new in-wall keypad, to provide the latest in technology and a superior finish. In fact, we had already heard such rave reviews of the new keypads from within the industry, that we were very excited to see them in person.

In this article:

  • Firstly: Lutron’s Design Ethos
  • Next: Finishes
  • Then: Button Configurations
  • Also: Backlit Buttons
  • Finally: Engraving
  • In Conclusion

Firstly, Lutron’s Design Ethos

The Lutron Alisse keypad is the latest addition to Lutron’s world-leading lighting control range. Lutron say that they combine cutting edge technology with timeless design. The keypads are made from natural materials and are hand-finished. The Lutron Alisse is also characterised as elegant and versatile, offering a nostalgic and warm design aesthetic. Indeed, the design was inspired by old-world craft.

Next: Lutron Alisse Finishes

With a well-considered selection of high-quality finishes available, the aesthetics will definitely meet the needs of even the most discerning of clients. In fact, we have been specifying these keypads for our premium projects and have, so far, always found the perfect keypad for every situation.

Lutron Alisse Keypad Review
The huge range of options for the Alisse keypad means that they will be a great fit with any aesthetic scheme.

Then: Lutron Alisse Button Configurations

You can configure the keypads in either 1, 2 or 3 columns and you can select up to three buttons in each column. This consequently provides a great deal of flexibility for the homeowner, as a large number of configurations are possible.

Alisse Keypad Styles
The number of columns and indeed the number of buttons can be configured to the exact needs of the homeowner.

Also: Backlit Buttons

There is just enough LED illumination around each of the elegant buttons to make them extremely useable. Additionally, since the buttons are very slightly proud of the faceplate, they are extremely easy to locate and press. With a very positive press action, the buttons also feel well-made and well-designed.

lutron keypad

Lutron has given the design real consideration, which makes them very appealing to interior designers, who will appreciate the chic appeal of the keypad. An example of this is the LED backlights, which are either warm (2700K) or cool (4000K), depending on the finish of the keypad.

Alisse Keypad Options
The huge range of options for the Alisse keypad means that they will be a great fit with any aesthetic scheme.

The intensity of the backlighting is configurable through the programming software, which means that it can be reduced or increased, per the client’s preferences. The backlight intensity can also indicate the status of the button, for example, if a scene is active, the backlight can indicate this with a slightly brighter light. The intensity of the backlight can also track the time of the day and adjust accordingly.

Finally, Engraving

The Lutron Alisse buttons can be engraved to make each function immediately evident to the user. Thus it is very easy for any user to immediately understand the system. It is essential to create an immediately recognised and intuitive system for the homeowner and other users of the lighting control system. Either text or icons can be engraved, according to the homeowner’s preference.

With keypads that could be controlling a plethora of functions, such as, for example, individual lighting circuits, scenes of light, blinds, automation, other rooms and areas etc, it follows that engraving is an absolute must!

In Conclusion

Evidently, Lutron has really excelled with the design of the Lutron Alisse keypad and our clients have received them exceedingly well. We have so far found the perfect keypad for every room, due to the wide range of finishes.

The keypads are exceptionally well-finished and, as a result, feel amazing to the touch. Of course, sage advice would be to carefully select those items which you will handle daily, as it is those which give the sense of the quality of the home.

When combined with careful and thoughtful programming, to achieve the most from the Lutron Homeworks system, these Lutron Alisse keypads really are excellent!

We had previously heard very favourable reports of the new Lutron Alisse keypads and we are pleased to concur; they really do not disappoint! When paired with Lutron’s Homeworks QS lighting control system, they provide a very sophisticated, high-quality solution, deserving of a place in the most stunning of interior design schemes. And from an installer’s perspective; the keypads install well and are also supported by Lutron’s highly respected warranty.

Whilst there are other, lower-cost Homeworks keypads available, for projects where a stunning finish is required, it follows that there really is only one solution: Lutron Alisse.

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