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Shows user holding an iphone with Crestron Home OS4, providing control over home automation.

Crestron Home OS4 – The Powerful System Update

Soon to be released, Crestron Home OS4 promises an exciting evolution of the slick Crestron Home experience. In this article, we look at the new features and explore the reasons to choose Crestron Home. (OS4 is expected Q1 2024.)

Crestron Home – History

Crestron Home was launched in 2019, to a market eager for a streamlined and modern user interface. Among other things, this simplified operating system meant that programming time would be vastly reduced, making a Crestron control system a more affordable proposition for many. In the intervening years, Crestron has continued to develop the experience, releasing more firmware versions, and adding over 100 new features.

Crestron Home OS4 – What Can We Expect?

Crestron says that OS4 delivers “more of what we know and love” about the Crestron Home experience.

Visual Upgrade

When you launch OS4, the first thing you will notice is the fresh visual experience. With new and refined graphics, icons and layout, the user experience is notably improved. Text is larger and easier to read, and the enhancements to filters allow you to see more rooms at once and navigate to what you need with fewer taps.

These developments deliver an even more intuitive experience for users, which is, ultimately, exactly what a home control system should do.

Greater Personalisation in Crestron Home OS4

OS4 brings a greater level of personalisation and a myriad of options for every vision of the perfect smart home. With scheduling and automation of tasks, home automation becomes fine-tuned to the needs of the user. And with Crestron Home, these are so easy to set up and adjust, that the homeowner is in complete control of their system.

The striking new OS4 room image view means that the owner can get the complete picture of the home, which makes the experience extremely meaningful and powerful. And, as you would expect, the user can go on to dim lights, create scenes and much more.

Shows Crestron Home OS4 View of home, with status and room images.

Xfinity® Voice Control integration

The OS4 native Xfinity® Voice Control integration means that your home control system is continuously at your (voice) command. For those who love voice control, speak the word!

Whole home paging makes it even easier to connect with your family members, wherever they are in the home.

Shows whole home paging in Crestron Home OS4 update.

What Are The Costs for Crestron Home OS4?

The OS4 update will be a free upgrade to existing Crestron Home customers.

(If you are considering a Crestron Home system, either as a new system or as an upgrade to a legacy Crestron control system, please get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.)

How Will Crestron Home OS4 Be Deployed?

The upgrade will be automatically updated on touchscreens, with no action needed from the owner. For mobile devices and tablets, the owner should download the latest Crestron Home app update.

Shows the updated Crestron Home OS4 visual interface.

In Conclusion – Our Thoughts

For our installations, we assess control options based on several criteria, including usableness for the owner, flexibility, reliability, innovation, and support. Since its first launch, Crestron Home has been our first choice for our projects, and the updates provided by OS4 further cement this position! And with the previous supply chain issues now abated, there has never been a better time to choose Crestron Home.

For our clients, the user experience of Crestron Home is unsurpassed, providing them with an intuitive interface and the ability to personalise and adapt their control system to their ongoing needs.

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