We undertook a home technology project for the Kizbel.

Marine Audio Visual Technology Installation

Our integration skills and experience extend beyond dry land! Many of our clients find that when they have experienced our electronic lifestyle products, they don’t wish to leave them behind. This marine audio visual project saw us travel to Miami to deliver the installation.

Just like our residential projects, we ensure that the user has an intuitive experience. We make sure they are not troubled with the complexities of the systems in the background. We provide the same attention to detail and technical excellence when working on our marine projects as we do any of our award-winning projects. 

Marine Audio Visual System

An industry colleague recommended us to the owner of this beautiful antique yacht. They had referred us because they had seen our attention to detail and passion for what we do.

Shows Kaleidescape Strato and on screen user experience
Kaleidescape Movie Server

The yacht was undergoing a refit in dry dock in Miami, so it was the perfect time to address the entertainment systems aboard.

We installed a centrally located audio system. This allowed music from the client’s smart devices to be played in the master bedroom, two of the cabins and the aft deck. In addition to this, we installed a central video system. This allowed the outputs from the centrally located satellite system and the Kaleidescape video server and BluRay player to be viewed in the master bedroom, the main salon and two cabins (captain’s and crew’s).

In addition, in the main salon, we provided a 5.1 surround sound system for the large screen plasma tv.

Finally, we delivered the data network and the Crestron control system.

Because of the very special nature of this yacht, we had to ensure that our work respected the age and importance of the craft. Additionally, we worked very closely with the Miami renovation team to ensure that the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Shows yacht at sea, with marine audio visual system including video server, cinema and audio system.

In Conclusion

Our engineers were very happy to undertake this very special install and it certainly is one that we won’t forget. Both our client and his crew have expressed their delight in our work, especially with the audio. This really is the boat that rocks!

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