Winter Garden Lighting Control

Crestron Controlled Winter Garden Lighting

This was the final phase of a loving restoration project. The diligent owner used old photographs of his home to renovate the property to its original grandiose glory. Our brief for the Winter Garden extension included: an extensive Crestron controlled lighting install; a motorised roof and pool floor; and full HVAC for the whole property.

A Crestron Controlled Lighting System for a New Era

The Winter Garden project was the fourth phase of a large residential installation. The exterior of the Winter Garden is made from wrought iron and glass, taking inspiration from the old Crystal Palace building. With a Crestron control system installed throughout the existing house; naturally, it was sensible to integrate the new winter garden controls with the rest of the home. The lighting, audio, intercom and HVAC in both areas were all linked and integrated.

The lighting circuits included cold cathode for the perimeter of the domes and glazed areas; fibre optic (metal halide) to provide the starlight effect on the ceiling; and colour changing via DMX in the pool itself. In order to meet electrical wiring regulations, we used LEDs in the pool floor and wet areas. Finally, there were electronic low voltage and magnetic low voltage circuits. In fact, by layering these different lights loads, we were able to create really complex and pleasing lighting scenes.

Shows lighting in winter garden, with pool

Motorised Pool Floor Becomes Dance Floor

Although the winter garden would predominantly be used as an indoor pool, the client also wanted to use the area for entertaining. However, to make the area truly multi-purpose, the client wanted the pool floor to motor straight upwards, to form a pool cover and dance floor.

When lowered on huge cables, the pool floor forms the steps as it goes down. The floor is buoyant and, when required, rises slowly to the surface. Large retaining bolts hold the floor steady when it is in position. Later, the commissioning had do be done in conjunction with a dive company and was a very complex and interesting system to undertake. The pool automation is controlled utilising a scene on the lighting control system and a touch panel.

Winter Garden Pool Lighting

Integrated Roof Control

The client had additionally requested that the roof be motorised and controlled by the Crestron control system. Additionally, we included rain sensors, (through a contact closure input into the Crestron lighting control system). This consequently provided the means for the roof to close automatically, should the weather take a turn for the worse.

Winter garden lighting showing star lights

In Conclusion…

Guy Singleton, our MD, said: “The Winter Garden was an unusual project and we feel that the final results were spectacular. The client has expressed their pleasure with the results and they have engaged us to carry out further works for them at various other houses.”

Pool area of winter garden showing lighting scene

This technical project won the Brilliant Lighting Design category at Crestron UK Integration Awards. Please see their press release here.

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