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Shows restaurant interior with Lutron lighting.

Lutron Service Engineer – Sumptuous Capeesh Restaurant

We were asked to diagnose a problem with an installation that had been completed years earlier, by a company that had long since closed. The manager of this lovely authentic Italian restaurant in London’s Canary Wharf contacted us, as an expert Lutron service engineer and install company, to fix the fault. We were consequently delighted to get the lights on again in short order.

  • Lutron Service Engineer’s Diagnosis
  • The Solution
  • In Conclusion
Lutron Lighting Control Panel with Adaptive Module

Lutron Service Engineer’s Diagnosis

This installation had been completed many years before by a company that had, unfortunately, long since closed. Although we had not completed the original installation, we have over twenty years of experience as a Lutron service engineer specialist and were able to take over the maintenance.

Our Lutron service engineer realised very soon that the control processor had failed. It was evident that there had been a power issue and the installation, unfortunately, had not been protected. It’s certainly very rare for a processor to fail completely. Indeed we have projects that we completed two decades ago, where the processor is still going strong. With the correct care in installation and regular maintenance, we would expect a Lutron processor to be very long-lived.

Lighting control in authentic Italian restaurant in Canary Wharf

Once we knew that the processor would need to be replaced, we gave the rest of the installation an audit. This was to make sure that we had fully identified the whole issue. We also made sure that we were familiar with the functional programming and the physical location of the equipment, and ready to commission the new processor.

Shows Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting Control processor. HQP6-2.

We noted that there were some circuits that had been mis-identified in the documentation. Thus it was an opportune time to trace the circuits and to make sure everything was corrected.

The Solution

The original system was based on a previous incarnation of the processor, which was no longer available. To that end, we would need to upgrade the installation to accommodate the latest processor. This would additionally give the client peace of mind, knowing that there was a new warranty on the installation. It would also unlock newer features that were not available at the time of the original installation. (In our article here we talk about more of the benefits of a Lutron processor upgrade.)

Shows lighting in bar. Our Lutron Service Engineer attended to fix a fault with the system.

Since this was a very busy restaurant, it was vital that we restored the system rapidly. Our engineers, therefore, worked very quickly to replace the processor and commission the new one. With service approaching, they knew that they must be finished and on their way so that the staff would be free to welcome their guests. We worked within these parameters to ensure that there was minimal disruption to the business and their clients.

In Conclusion

Our team of Lutron service engineer are highly trained and experienced and we are also an NICEIC approved contractor. This means that we were quickly and confidently able to find the fault and fix it, in time for service. With over 20 years of installing, commissioning and servicing Lutron lighting systems, we like to think we are experts in our field. Our priority in this instance was not only to fix the issue in the shortest time but vitally to ensure that there was no further disruption to our client. We were thrilled that we were able to achieve these goals.

For further reading, please see our article about upgrading your lighting system or perhaps look at our projects at Clipper Wharf and Hiscox. Here is a residential Lutron Homeworks lighting project.

Team members on this project

Michael, Pat and Mogan.

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