Imagine This prides itself in employing THX certified engineers, who understand the relationship between audio, room acoustics and distributed audio.

Whatever your audio needs, Imagine This is on hand to equip your space with everything from distributed, high fidelity audio, in-ceiling or in-wall loudspeakers, to a beautiful pair of monitors.

With great attention to detail, and to ensure that the room enhances your audio, we evaluate room acoustics and model audio responses. Once we have data to tell us how the room will respond, we accurately treat any room response issues and, to ensure that your room aesthetic is as amazing as the audio, we work as a premier partner of HTE Acoustic Interior Design.


Video calibration is often overlooked, but once your projector or display panel has been properly calibrated, you will insist that all other display devices are also enhanced, to achieve their highest levels of performance. With the correct equipment, knowledge and implementation, we can turn your plasma, LCD or projection system into a stunning visual experience.

In colour replication terms, this means that blacks maintain definition, whites don't bloom or crush and skin tones resemble real flesh tones. This takes a proper understanding of video, colour and signal.

Imagine This calibrates to the rigorous standards of ISF, achieving visually rewarding and technically measurable improvements.

Environmental Control

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) – like lighting – plays a major role in our day to day project integration, ensuring the maintenance of air quality and regulation of internal temperatures and humidity.

Our environmental control systems provide control and enhancements of the living environment. This is an invaluable part of our skillset and there are only a small number of CEDIA companies that offer this service.

With remote connection and the appropriate interface, you can have the benefit of controlling your heating from anywhere it the world through smart phones, touch panels, iPads or via a PC or Mac.

Home Theatres

Imagine This has a long and successful history in award-winning theatre design, specialising in designing and installing home theatres embracing the latest technology for everyone from royalty, prominent figures in the film and music industry, through to members of the public.

Whether you seek an immersive audio home theatre, professional screening room or media room, Imagine This has become synonymous with expertise and quality.

Backed up by a portfolio of award-winning home theatre designs, our team is equipped to design and install a bespoke home theatre room tailored to your individual needs.

Home Theatres


Lighting and shading control is one of the most important parts of a project; it will single-handedly transform your home or building into a warm, inviting space that changes with your requirements.

We are award-winning lighting designers and qualified, experienced lighting control engineers, practised in designing and integrating custom, tailor-made lighting designs for homes and businesses, and everything in-between.


Media Rooms

Imagine This has over 20 years' experience delivering the most exciting media rooms, specialising in rooms that have more than one use, such as family rooms, gaming rooms and playrooms.

Media rooms provide the family with the opportunity to gather to enjoy shared leisure time; enjoying gaming, films, sporting events and karaoke.

Our team of THX and ISF certified designers and engineers have been at the forefront of media room design for many years and are renown for the highest quality of installation. We go the extra mile to make sure that your room has the wow factor of one of our larger home theatre installations, whilst providing a great value service.

Contact Imagine This to discuss how our team can bring your vision to life.

Multi Room Audio

Multi room audio is an essential part of any modern home, hotel or yacht. Centrally located music servers provide sources for multi-room audio distribution throughout the home or building and offer either ambient music or Hi-fi sound quality, depending on the client’s wishes.

With in-ceiling, in-wall or on-wall loudspeakers and iPads, keypads or touch-panels for control, the era of needing stereo systems in every room is a thing of the past. The distribution of multi-room audio can be, in essence, a straightforward theory: the difficulty is in the appropriate level of control. Any Imagine This system is tailored to your personal requirements and installed professionally, giving you access and control of your music collection.

Multi Room Video

With the growing application of High Definition, multi-room video distribution in a project requires real understanding of video signals and content protection. Imagine This provides relevant multi-room video distribution solutions that avoid the possible problems that can come with HDCP and latency issues associated with HDMI, designing and installing multi-room video systems that provide high quality video throughout the project.

Imagine This specialises in managing your media content – whether that be movies, music or both – making it easier than ever by integrating easy-to-use and reliable video and audio servers. Our multi-room video systems are professionally designed and incorporate leading technologies from manufacturers such as Crestron and Kaleidescape.


CCTV images can be streamed to your TVs, touchpanels and smart devices, giving you great flexibility and control at your fingertips.

Imagine This will implement a reliable and easy-to-use custom security control system for residential or commercial buildings which are designed, installed and programmed by our in-house team. And by incorporating this with other smart home systems, such as your lighting control system, we can deliver a fully integrated solution that is easy to use.


Lighting and shading systems for the home, restaurant, office and store!

Providing privacy, comfort and security; our motorised shades are an elegant solution for your smart home and, with a huge range of fabrics to choose from, we will ensure that your shades compliment your interior design scheme.

Our shading solutions include roller blinds, traditional curtain tracks, Roman blinds, tensioned shades and horizontal sheer blinds.

Whether you are looking for a single roller blind or whole home shading solution, our shading experts will guide you through the process, from initial consultation to design and installation.

Smart Home Automation

Systems integration is often referred to as smart home automation is the most complex part of any project, playing an integral role in bringing together all of the other elements and sub-systems. It’s the very aspect of the design that you – our client – will touch and see.

To be competent you need two things: underpinning knowledge, and experience. Imagine This has been involved in the design and delivery of advanced systems integration and control systems for over 20 years. In that time, we have designed and produced multiple award-winning projects and are recognised, even by our peers, as one of the industry leaders.

Smart Home Automation


Video and the distribution of HD content has proven to be a complex issue. Imagine This has pioneered this through many years, offering the finest designs and very best system specifications to ensure our systems work first time, every time.

With ‘High Definition Content Protection’ or HDCP, whole house distribution requires a real understanding of the complexities and potential pitfalls with this area of custom integration.

With a proven track record and long-standing excellent reputation, you can be sure that our system design – right through to the final solution – will be the very best that the industry has to offer.    

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