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Solar Power and Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar power (PV) and renewable energy solutions from Imagine This.

Energy Efficient Solutions with Solar Power

Over the years, Imagine This has been actively providing energy-efficient and solar power solutions to our clients. Some of these solutions are obvious and some are not so immediately evident. For example, control of lighting and the dimming of lamps provides in itself a form of energy efficiency. (When you dim a lamp 10%, you can double its life).

Heating control systems ensure a balanced and efficient use of the boiler. They allow specific set points to be reached in each distinct zone, meaning that there are no inefficiencies. We invariably configure and calibrate our systems to ensure the maximum possible energy efficiencies.

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Solar Power Solutions

Over the past few years, we have developed our own renewable energy and PV (solar power) solutions for our clients. In simple terms, we use solar panels (generally located on the roof) to create the DC voltages. The DC voltages are fed into an inverter which outputs the AC commonly used around the home. When not immediately used, this energy is stored in battery packs (or power packs).

The whole process concerns the feeding and supplying of power to your home in such a way as to ensure that you have the renewable energy where and when you need it. Indeed, without those power packs, you would be in a “use it or lose it” situation.

Conversely, with the newest lithium storage solutions, your system will have the ability to generate energy all day (perhaps when the house is empty) so that you can use it throughout the evening when you are home.

It is not unusual to have at least four 6.5kW power packs as well as an EPS (emergency power supply). This makes sure your home is as reliably and efficiently provided for as possible.

Mitigating Power Outages

If you’re in a rural area and equipped with an overhead electrical supply (TT via poles and pylons), you will almost certainly have experienced some power outages after a storm or high wind. Imagine a system which allows you to continue using your essential services, such as lighting and networks/communications.

These critical systems are fed with An ATS (automatic transfer switch), to instantly force the supply over to battery backup when power is lost. Once the grid supply has been re-established, it will automatically switch back.

Even if your home is in an urban area and not so vulnerable to weather-related power cuts, our systems will ensure that you are protected from any future grid supply restrictions.

Our renewable energy solar power systems ensure that your network, communications, lighting, and other vital assets are instantly switched onto the EPS/battery system. This means that in less than 1/100th of a second, your system is resupplied and keeps running.

These are some of the benefits of a solar power / PV renewable energy package. But critically, the reduction in your monthly/annual utility costs is a significant consideration. Imagine reducing your monthly bill by approx. 50% and not being as exposed to global shifts in energy prices! If you own a modest or large home, you will be only too familiar with the increase in your home’s running cost.

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In Conclusion

This isn’t an easy skill for regular AV contractors because they don’t usually operate in that world. However, our background in electrical installations and our skills, qualifications and experience make us supremely placed to add this to our portfolio of solutions for our clients.

And since we are already looking after other critical systems within the home (such as lighting, heating and network), we can integrate everything to provide the cohesive professionally installed systems that our clients demand.

Using reputable renewable energy systems and proven products, you know that your system is in safe hands, we can because we are…. Imagine This.

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