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Samsung The Wall – Our Exciting Preview Of The Micro-LED Giant

We were given the special privilege of an invite to Samsung’s new showroom to see Samsung The Wall Luxe. The stunning new facility overlooks the F1 start-finish line in Monaco. Firstly, we’d like to send our massive thanks to Chris and the team for the invitation!

Background on Samsung The Wall

Samsung revealed The Wall at CES almost two years ago to great acclaim. This really is no ordinary TV!

The Wall Luxe is an 8K modular system of MicroLED screens, at a massive 292”.  An unlimited number of panels can be connected to create an enormous screen. With edge to edge glass, the modules are completely bezel-free. This means that, when connected, the modules appear as one, with no bezels interrupting the image.

MicroLED technology uses smaller than normal LEDs with the ability to make their own light. It doesn’t require a backlight and there is no requirement for LCD shutters. Each pixel can be turned off individually. This gives The Wall a rich contrast, bright image, with high dynamic range. Samsung have used a non-organic substrate, meaning that screen burn will not be an issue for The Wall. All of this technology ensures that Samsung’s The Wall has no trouble with black levels. Like more traditional LED screens, The Wall has bright whites, giving great dynamic range.

The Wall Luxe has been designed for the luxury residential market; The Wall Pro for commercial settings.

Demo of Samsung The Wall

Our MD and CTO, Guy Singleton, had been working with Samsung to produce a white paper for Samsung The Wall. Guy is a subject matter expert, hence Samsung asking him to write the white paper.

The Wall by Samsung

Thoughts – Performance

This is a seriously impressive and innovative product, experiencing our demo was a real pleasure! The Wall has a very rich bright image, with near-absolute black. We experienced the huge dynamic range and the great contrast.

You can achieve the preferred size and aspect ratio for every installation. This is because of the modular bespoke nature of The Wall. Samsung supply replacement swappable modules, just in case there is ever damage.

Samsung haven’t added speakers, so the depth of The Wall compares very favourably with other new Samsung screens.  It runs reasonably warm compared to a more traditional LED tv, perhaps due to the sheer size of the screen. But this isn’t a huge problem.

The Luxe version has a higher frame rate than the Pro, which means that fast-moving images and sport look amazing; perfect for residential settings.

Thoughts – Applications

The bespoke modular nature of The Wall is really exciting. It is just perfect for a home cinema or media room application, although who wouldn’t want one of these in every room?

The Wall is the perfect solution if a very large scale image is required. Or in cases where it isn’t possible to site a traditional projector/screen set-up, The Wall will provide a perfect solution. But this product certainly shouldn’t be an afterthought or an option B; with these performance levels, it can definitely hold its own as a first choice.

For our commercial projects, The Wall Pro, with its lower frame rate, is an exciting innovation. There are many possibilities from corporate lobbies to retail displays.

In Conclusion – The Final Word on Samsung The Wall

Samsung The Wall has continued to impress since the first reveal almost two years ago. We can immediately think of a few upcoming projects where The Wall would be a perfect solution. The price tag isn’t for the faint-hearted and cost may well be prohibitive for most projects. However, the impressive performance levels will certainly be compelling for others.

The image is stunning, and the modular nature of Samsung The Wall means that there is a solution for every application!

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