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Motorised Curved Curtain Track – An Elegant Solution from Lutron

The new motorised curved curtain track from Lutron provides an elegant solution for the high-tech home. Everything you would expect from a Lutron shading solution – quiet, reliable and convenient. Do you have a bay or an awkward window to dress? This may be the perfect solution.

Lutron Introduce a Motorised Curved Curtain Track

Lutron has expanded its range of motorised shading solutions with the introduction of its standard curved curtain track. There are three bend styles available as a standard offering, and more to come in the near future. And, as you would expect of market leader Lutron, they provide an elegant and quiet solution for the smart home.

Lutron’s drapery track systems electronically operate either pinch pleat or s-fold curtains. With s-fold curtains, the stiffened header in the curtain forms an s-shape when opened, which means a smaller bulk of fabric and less room is required for stack-back. This option also showcases the fabric of the curtains. Pinch-pleat curtains provide a timelessly elegant look, with customisable fullness and luxury feel. Lutron motorised curved curtain tracks can accommodate both styles of curtain, with three standard track options.

These motorised curved curtain tracks require wired power and have convenient centre or side draw options.

Single Bend Bay Motorised Curved Curtain Track

For situations that require a single bend in the track, Lutron’s Single Bend option is perfect. The minimum track width is 1220mm total (610mm per leg) and the maximum is 486mm.

Two Bend Bay Track

For instances where a two bend is required, with a minimum track width of 1830mm total and a maximum of 5486mm.

Semi-Circular Bay (Continuous Curve)

For fully curved installations, with a minimum track width of 1220 total and a maximum of 5486mm.


In line with all Lutron shading solutions, there are many options for user control, including wireless keypads, in-wall keypads and a smart app. These shades also integrate perfectly with other smart home control systems, such as Crestron Home.


Running on the treadmill? Relaxing in bed? Lutron shading works with voice control providers, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple® HomeKit or Google Assistant, meaning that you can always control your shades hands-free.

Using the app, you can control your system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and with programming features such as scheduling and geofencing, your home will always be private, secure and comfortable.

Reasons to Control Natural Light

There are several reasons why it is desirable to control the natural light within your home. These include:

  • Privacy – keep your family life safe and private with convenient motorised shades
  • Temperature – shades help to regulate the temperature in the home, during hotter weather by shielding it from the sun and on colder days by helping to keep heat within the room.
  • Protection from damaging UV rays – protect your furniture or artwork from damaging UV rays – create a schedule to draw the curtains or lower the shades when the sun is at its strongest.

In Conclusion – Motorised Curved Curtain Track

When a motorised curved curtain track (or a straight track) is required, Lutron should be the first choice. With their extremely quiet motors and robust construction, these tracks will provide an elegant and convenient solution. Whether you are looking for a single-room solution or a comprehensive lighting and shading scheme for your whole home, we will work with you to build a system that meets all of your needs.

Shows motorised curtains in bedroom, with woodland scene outside window.

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If you would like to discuss your motorised curved curtain track, please do get in touch – 0207 164 6856.

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