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Imagine This visit the Pulse Cinemas Demo Facility.

Home Cinema Demo – Our Visit to the Brilliant Pulse Cinemas Demo Facility

May 2022 – Imagine This engineers visit the HQ of Pulse Cinemas, to experience their updated world-class home cinema demo rooms.

Leading UK distributor Pulse Cinemas have recently completed updates to their home cinema demo facilities at their Stanstead HQ. The three demo rooms showcase Pulse Cinemas distributed brands, with two dedicated cinema rooms and also a media space. Two of our home cinema engineers, Aiden and Brad, along with our MD, Guy Singleton, visited Pulse to experience the rooms for themselves.


A visit to Pulse is always a highly informative and enjoyable event, and we needed no excuse to take a trip to Stanstead. Pulse MD, Mike Beatty, was on hand with his customary warm welcome. We are proud to have worked with Mike for two decades and we greatly value his friendship and enthusiasm for the industry.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

Amy Poehler
Home cinema demo - gaming experience with racing chair.

Reference Cinema – Alcons Lousdpeakers at the Pulse Cinemas Home Cinema Demo Room

The jewel in the Pulse crown is the stunning Reference Cinema, which showcases Alcons loudspeakers. Having just acquired the UK distribution rights for Alcons, Pulse wasted no time in building them into their Reference Cinema.

The speakers are configured:

  • Left, Centre, and Right channels: 3 x CRMS-MKII, 3-way screen system
  • Front Wide channels: 2 x CRMS-SRHV 2-way immersive surround sound system.
  • Base Layer surround channels: 8 x CRMSC-SRIW/120 2-way immersive surround sound system
  • Height Layer surround channels: 10 x CRMSC-SRIW/120.
  • Front subwoofer channels: 2 x CRMS-LFE18 large-format extreme-excursion 18” reference subwoofer system.
  • Rear subwoofer channels: 2 x CRMS-LFE18sl slim-sized extreme-excursion 18” reference subwoofer system.

Pulse say, “The unique internal Sentinel10 intelligent amplifiers and The Cinema Reference Monitor Systems allow the audio in this room to reach new levels of precision and power.”

Pulse Cinemas Reference Cinema - our team experienced a home cinema demo. Shows cinema seating and screen.

Apartment Cinema

Representing a more space-friendly and cost-effective option, the Pulse Apartment Cinema showcases a SIM2 short throw projector, a Screen Research DecorMask screen and also loudspeakers from Paradigm.

Whilst the space afforded to an apartment cinema is often more limited than a conventional dedicated cinema, the spec level is certainly not, as apartment owners demand remarkable immersive experiences. The Pulse apartment cinema certainly delivers this high-quality experience and also demonstrates how well you can discreetly integrate a cinema into the décor of a room.

The apartment home cinema demo room features:

  • Screen Research DecorMask FDM-110-178-UWB
  • SIM2 DTV
  • Paradigm P1 X 3 – LCR; Paradigm P80-A x 2; Paradigm P80-R x 2
  • Paradigm Defiance V10 x 2
  • Anthem MRX740
  • Kaleidescape Strato 6TB – Movie Server
  • RTI CCK32 – Control pack including remote, processor and 1 iPad licence
  • Lutron intelligent lighting and shading

In Conclusion

A visit to Pulse is always a worthwhile use of our time. Mike and his team go to great lengths to welcome their visitors, their product knowledge is second to none and you cannot fail to be impressed with their demo facilities.

The new Alcons room provides a great immersive user experience and we were also very excited about the Apartment Cinema. It goes to show what can be achieved on a more modest budget, with careful design and planning.

Our engineer Brad commented, “Absolutely loved spending time with you all in your incredible facility and learning more about your demo cinema”.

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