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2013 Winner CEIDA best Home Theatre 2013

2013 – Winner CEDIA Best Home Cinema Over £100,000

We are delighted to announce that we have won the Cedia ‘Best Home Cinema Over £100,000’ 2013, this is a huge honour for our team.

The Cedia Awards were created to recognise the achievements of different integrators within the industry, no matter how small or how large. “The CEDIA Awards are meant to recognize the daily grind, from hands and knees wire pulling to ladder climbing and everything in between.”

The CEDIA awards showcase what is the best of the best within the industry. These awards occur annually as a demonstration of what can be achieved by manufacturers and home technology professionals worldwide. The awards are assessed by an impartial panel of experts who judge and allocate awards to work they deem worthy. They take into consideration everything from calibration to aesthetics to documentation.

The aim of this project was to create a home theatre that would be of an uber-luxury standard, whilst meeting extremely high technical criteria in order to provide a jaw-droppingly immersive experience. The client of this project was the prestigious film director: Sir Peter Jackson. As a highly decorated film director with decades of successful experience within the film industry, he had a particularly high standard for the final product. For any further information on this project, follow the link to take you to the full technical breakdown of all of the components that were put in place to complete a job of this scale.

Best Home Cinema Award

“I engaged Guy Singleton and the team at Imagine This to design and build a cinema room for me in the UK. The team there took my brief and extremely high technical standards and delivered a superb room that not only looks and feels amazing but performs at the highest technical level. They were dependable, reliable and efficient and their professional approach ensured the project was a success. We have since also asked them to help with a number of other smaller projects that have also shown how flexible Imagine This can be.” – Sir Peter Jackson.

2013 CEDIA Best Home Cinema - Guy Singleton collects award

Guy Singleton collected the best home cinema award on behalf of the Imagine This team and was extremely proud to do so. “The CEDIA Awards is a fantastic event, where the very finest companies in our sector showcase the ultimate projects from their portfolio. We feel incredibly proud to have won the Best Home Cinema Over £100k Award. We have a high market position and an enviable reputation for the design and delivery of the finest screening rooms. Recognition from CEDIA endorses this, showing us and others that we are operating at the very highest level.”

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