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Luxury Home Cinema Room

We were very excited to be involved in this extra special project. Creating luxury home cinema rooms is a great privilege, and we work extremely hard to make sure that our rooms are thrilling spaces to use.

This client had a distinct set of deliverables for this room; it should have a dedicated bar area, six home cinema chairs, the largest screen possible, and “plasma-like” image quality. With these objectives so clearly defined, we went to work on the design of the room.

Best Home Theatre - shows seating and projector.

“Largest Screen Possible” – Screen Research

To fulfil the client’s wish for the largest screen possible, we opted for a 140″ XMask Screen Research screen. The Theatre curve acoustically transparent screen is THX certified, providing the perfect 235:1 aspect for the client’s family movie nights. Being acoustically transparent, the screen is installed to the fore of the front LCR array (left, centre and right loudspeakers). This provides an uncluttered aesthetic, leaving just the screen on view on the front wall (and the beautiful theatrical curtains).

For the audio, we provided a full package of Procella loudspeakers, with processing/amplification by Audio Control.

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Six Home Cinema Chairs for this Luxury Home Cinema

Our client wanted to add six chairs, for his family and guests. We used six Fortress Matinee home cinema seats for the perfect home theatre experience. All six chairs are reclinable and are pre-prepared for D-Box motion control. If the client should wish, he can upgrade them later to include the motion actuators. And of course, no cinema would be authentic without cup holders in the seats!

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“Plasma-Like” Image Quality

To provide the flawless image that the client desired, we installed a Runco VX22D projector with a McKinley autoscope anamorphic lens. When a movie is selected, the anamorphic lens glides into place at the touch of a button.

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A Dedicated Bar Completes this Luxury Home Cinema

The client wanted a purpose-built bar to complete his entertaining and relaxing haven, so we provided a fully fitted kitchen/bar at the rear of the cinema. Making sure that this wasn’t detrimental to the acoustics was our top priority. We performed pre-build acoustic evaluations on the whole space so that we had data on the predicted room responses. This allowed us to design an acoustic treatment scheme which would improve the acoustic responses, thereby providing an amazing emotional audio experience.

We used a Lutron Homeworks lighting system to control the lighting in the cinema/bar room. For total convenience, we provided control of the lighting, HVAC, curtains and cinema electronics from an integrated remote control.


In Conclusion

Our team were delighted to be involved in this project and was thrilled with the outcome. The room looks as good as it performs and is the perfect space for entertaining. We met the project deliverables, which has made our client very happy. He said, “Every time I press the button and relax to watch a film, it feels like the first time. I’m delighted with the results.”

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