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Lighting control panel project at National Theatre

Perfect Lighting Control Panel – Our Build for the National Theatre

When the National Theatre embarked on a large scale renovation of their back-of-house areas, they knew that they would need an expert for the bespoke lighting control panel build. Imagine This was the chosen specialist!

  • A Lighting Control Panel Specialist
  • Strict Delivery Schedule
  • Site Work
  • In Conclusion

A Lighting Control Panel Specialist

The Royal National Theatre, on the South Bank of the Thames in London, undertook an ambitious project to renovate and upgrade their lighting systems. We have a wealth of experience in delivering Lutron systems and we are NICEIC approved and so we were delighted to be appointed as their specialist contractor. In the end, we designed and engineered more than 50 lighting panels, to provide lighting control in the front and back of house areas.

Shows a bespoke lighting control panel with Lutron dimming modules.
We built more than 50 bespoke lighting control panels for this project

Strict Delivery Schedule

We worked very closely with electrical install expert Shepherd Engineering Services. We made sure that all of the lighting panels were correctly designed, perfectly engineered and delivered on schedule. To meet the strict installation programs, we engineered the panels in our workshop, testing them fully before final delivery to the site. Once there, we made the final connections and commissioned the panels.

The theatre remained operational during the renovations; so there was no margin for error in the schedule. We had to be very diligent to deliver the panels exactly when they were required. And also, critically, we made certain that the live performances and the visiting public were not impacted at all.

Lighting control panel during construction

Site Work

An important part of our work is making sure that we comply with Health and Safety rules and regulations. We always make sure that we work safely and in consideration of others. This is vital to smooth and safe project progress and so we take our obligations very seriously.


In Conclusion

We are very proud that we met with all project milestones on this successful project and our client actually commended us for our ability to adapt to the scope changes mid-build. Indeed, we delivered each and every panel on time and we even adapted to late lighting design changes by working overnight, to ensure that there was no disruption to the working theatre.

For further reading, please see our Surrey University energy-efficient lighting project, our lighting control service at Capeesh or our lighting project at Hiscox.

Shows the National Theatre
We were delighted to have been chosen for this project

Team members on this project

Guy, Michael and Pat.

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