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Home Automation System Overhaul

Our client had a home automation system installed by others, and things had not gone to plan. He had become extremely frustrated with his system. The system did not work correctly, and he was also disappointed with the general standard of installation. He asked us to fix the parts that were not working, bring them up to spec with a better design, and provide him with a personalised ongoing maintenance plan.


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Survey of Crestron Home Automation System

Our first task was to undertake a comprehensive survey, to assess what had been installed. This included testing and verifying a sample of the cabling, making physical tests on the existing equipment, and testing the user interfaces. We also reviewed the software programs and installation documentation.

Once this was complete, we were empowered with a detailed level of understanding about the existing home automation system, its strengths and flaws.


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Our Diagnosis and Solution

We identified several issues with the existing home automation system: some in the design, some in the physical implementation, and some at a software level.

As an example, we identified too many devices connected to the Cresnet network, where they could have utilised ethernet. This exceeded the limit of thirty Cresnet devices (without an additional hub). To rectify this, we moved multiple devices across to ethernet, bringing the total number of Cresnet devices to within the correct parameter.

The amplification for the audio distribution system had been poorly specified with devices that would remain on and which would run hot. We replaced them with Class D Crestron amplifiers which would not generate so much heat and could be turned off.

In software terms, the touch panel layouts were very basic and dull. We rewrote them to present a more dynamic interface, which was visually more up-to-date and appealing.

We made many other modifications to the project to improve the system’s functionality, performance, longevity, and useability.


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Ongoing Support

Once we had brought the system up to a fully functioning and stable state, we were then able to provide a tailored support service. We provided remote monitoring, planned service and maintenance visits, and rapid response assistance. Our comprehensive support package included remote monitoring, which ensured that we could provide timely support in case the client should need it. The client was reassured that he was being looked after in the long term.

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In Conclusion

Our client was very pleased with the outcome of the work. We provided practical and value-driven solutions to the issues with the home automation systems.

We were pleased that we had been able to take a poorly planned and installed project and make it a fully functional, dynamic system. Our client and his family now have up-to-date home electronics which provide:

  • Full Lutron Homeworks Lighting Control System with Window Shading
  • Cisco Data Network with Starlink
  • Crestron Audio Distribution
  • Crestron Video Distribution
  • Crestron Control System
  • Kaleidescape
  • 2N Gate Entry
  • Lilin CCTV
  • High-Performance Front Projection Home Cinema
  • Several Media Rooms with Anthem and Bowers & Wilkins
  • High Fidelity Bowers & Wilkins Audio in the Music Room
  • Bowers & Wilkins Weatherproof Monitors in the Pool and Spa

These are available at the touch of a button, via the dynamic, modern Crestron control interface. We have integrated all the electronic systems to provide the convenience of a modern dwelling in the setting of this delightful stately home.


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