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Energy Efficient Lighting Project – University of Surrey

We worked with the team at the University of Surrey to deliver an outstanding energy efficient lighting project. When the Unversity of Surrey embarked on an ambitious project to reduce their lighting energy consumption, they earmarked their Austin Pearce building for the first phase. It would also be the model from which the remainder would follow.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting – LED Light Fittings
  • Lighting Hardware
  • Tracking the Energy Savings
  • The Project Team
  • In Conclusion – The Final Word

Energy Efficient Lighting – LED Light Fittings

The aim of the project was to reduce energy consumption costs by 75%. Firstly, we replaced the lecture theatre luminaries with 150 LED energy efficient lighting fittings. These Philips LED DALI-controlled light fittings were fresh from the factory. In fact, this was the first application at this level in the world.

Energy efficient lighting project at University of Surrey

Lighting Hardware

It was obvious that significant energy savings could be made by changing the existing light fittings to state-of-the-art Philips LEDs. The existing control system, however, would not be able to accommodate this new load source. We installed a Crestron system to gain control of the new loads, and so that we could integrate the lighting with the AV system (which was also being upgraded). This was based on Crestron’s AV2 processor and included DALI and 0-10V control modules. We also used eight occupancy sensors and four in-wall TPS-4L touchpanels.

light bulbs energy efficient

The installation utilised room occupancy products to ensure that there was no wasted energy usage.

We used Crestron touch panels to control both the lighting and AV systems. This allowed staff to create and recall lighting levels appropriate to each lecture being delivered. In addition, the control system allowed remote monitoring and control by the University’s facilities team using the Crestron X-Panel, which offered full browser monitoring & control.

energy efficient lighting

Tracking the Energy Savings

In order to track the savings in energy use, we installed two Merlin Gerin energy monitors on the electrical distribution boards. This allowed us to monitor the energy consumption from the lighting and AV systems in real-time, through Crestron’s RoomView software. This has proven to be so beneficial to the team that, subsequently, the data has been integrated with their digital signage network. The data showing the savings is therefore now being communicated throughout the campus.

Merlin Gerin energy monitors

The Project Team

The project team was led by Guy Singleton (Managing Director, Imagine this) and Dale Meadows (Energy Engineer, University of Surrey). Consequently, the team had a strong technical understanding and vast engineering experience. By working together, they have delivered what has proven to be the benchmark for future energy-saving projects.

In an installation that utilises the latest in control system technology, room occupancy sensors, energy-efficient luminaires and energy monitors; the University of Surrey has been able to gain verifiable energy savings of 90%. This also takes into account the reduction of current demand on the lighting circuits and the easing of demand from the chiller and fan coil units. The result exceeds the initial aim for the project by a pleasingly wide margin.

energy efficiency light bulbs
Control Rack

In Conclusion – The Final Word

“Imagine This took our demanding requirements in their stride and designed, delivered and commissioned a state-of-the-art installation which has been showcased throughout the sector. We’ve vastly improved the quality of these lecture theatres and reduced energy consumption by 90%” 

Dale Meadows, Energy Engineer – University of Surrey

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“Imagine this has a proven track record in lighting control. Our aim was to assist the University to reach its goals in energy efficiency and renewable energies for the coming years. We have found that our roots in electrical engineering have served us well in this sector and we can draw upon a vast amount of knowledge and experience to deliver these types of projects at an unrivalled standard.”

Guy Singleton LCGI MIET MInstLM

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Team members on this project

Guy and Dean.

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