Systems integration often referred to as Smart Home Automation is the most complex part of any project, playing an integral role in bringing together all of the other elements and sub-systems. It’s the very aspect of the design that you – our client – will touch and see.

To be competent you need two things: underpinning knowledge, and experience. Imagine This has been involved in the design and delivery of advanced systems integration and control systems for over 20 years. In that time, we have designed and produced multiple award-winning projects and are recognised, even by our peers, as one of the industry leaders.

Whether you require a wireless touch-panel in your home theatre, or in-wall touch-panels to act as intercom and concierge systems in a multi dwelling environment, we can design and program the system to control any application and interface with countless devices – easily and efficiently.

We don't outsource and therefore we retain control the project and can remain flexible, reacting quickly to our client's wishes. With remote access to our control and integration systems, we also offer the ability to upload remotely, along with maintenance and servicing, without the need to visit for software related updates.

With Offices in Kent & London Imagine This carry out Systems Integration and Smart Home Installation across Kent, London and The South East.

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